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Past Events

Covid: The changing landscape, changing lives

1800-2000 John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre, Oxford Brookes University, Headington, Oxford The Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (HLS) event comes on the third anniversary of the first Covid lockdown in the UK and explores how the pandemic has impacted health and life sciences research. A panel of experts (covering disciplines such […]

Event Types: Covid-19 Partner event

NHS recovery: how do we ‘build back better?’

1015-1130 Webinar Questions to be addressed by expert panel include: How does the health sector approach this monumental task? What lessons can we learn from the successful ‘war on waiting’ of the 2000s and what do we need to do differently this time? With NHS staff stretched to the limit, what can be done to ensure the workforce is there to deliver […]

Event Types: Covid-19

Achievements in Covid-19 research in the Thames Valley

1900-2000 Online More than 25 nationally prioritised COVID-19 studies have taken place in hospitals, GP surgeries and in the community in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshrie, involving more than 14,000 people. Many are still ongoing. The research covers how to better diagnose, treat and prevent COVID-19. Some of this work has already changed how […]

Event Types: Covid-19 Partner event

Discovering Covid-19 treatments: a patient and doctor’s story

1900-1945 Webinar Katherine Millbank and Dr Raha West will discuss their experience with the University of Oxford’s RECOVERY trial. Katherine spent two weeks in intensive care with Covid-19 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, in March/April 2020. Further information and booking details

Event Types: Partner event Covid-19

Developing digital solutions for home-based and care home management

1300-1400 Webinar Webinar covering latest developments in COVID Oximetry @home with a particular focus on digital solutions and support for care homes. It will include a demonstration of the new Inhealthcare digital dashboard produced by Wessex AHSN. Further information and booking details. An NHS Confederation event.

Event Types: Covid-19 Patient Safety & Clinical Improvement Partner event

Remote monitoring using pulse oximetry in care homes

1300-1400 Webinar THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. A RECORDING WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE AFTERWARDS In this webinar you will hear about how the NHS is supporting the use of pulse oximetry, how this works in care homes, identify the range of support and learning materials for care staff. You will also hear about evaluation […]

Event Types: Covid-19 Patient Safety & Clinical Improvement

NHS South East region COVID Oximetry @home and virtual wards

1530-1630 Webinar Through the COVID Oximetry @home initiative patients with Covid-19 are being supported to self-monitor at home using pulse oximeters. This webinar is for anyone interested in supporting patients with Covid-19 at home. Speakers include: Matt Inada-Kim, National Clinical Lead for Deterioration, NHS England and NHS Improvement Mark Ainsworth-Smith, Consultant Pre-Hospital Care Practitioner, South […]

Event Types: Covid-19 Patient Safety & Clinical Improvement

What’s in store for health and care in 2021?

1000-1100 Webinar This King’s Fund event will provide insight into the UK health and care landscape in 2021 and will explore how recent trends, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and future developments could affect people working in healthcare, patients and the wider population. Further information and booking details

Event Types: Covid-19

NHS at Home – an examination of the virtual ward

1300-1400 Webinar With increased pressures on healthcare systems caused by Covid-19, this webinar explores the ‘NHS at Home’ model. Providing perspectives from both primary and secondary care, it will discuss facilitating effective patient transitions from hospital to home, including after care services and monitoring high-need patients to prevent hospitalisation. Further information and booking details

Event Types: Partner event Covid-19

Covid virtual wards

1500-1600 Webinar This NHS England/Improvement webinar will provide an overview of the COVID ‘virtual ward’ model for earlier safe and supported discharge from hospital for patients with moderate symptoms. Please note this is separate to the COVID Oximetry @home model, generally delivered in primary care. This webinar will include: an overview of the national model […]

Event Types: Covid-19 Partner event