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Understanding what supports workforce transformation

The NHS People Plan (2020/2021) emphasised the need for workforce redesign.  This included exploring new ways of working and delivering care, particularly across systems, to best meet the needs of local populations.  In 2023, NHS England (NHSE) released their long-term workforce plan which highlighted the need to remodel the workforce to optimise patient care. They set out three core principles to attain this through training, retaining, and reforming the current and future workforce.  Within their plan to reform the workforce, they included the need to improve productivity by training staff to work differently.

33n are described as a company who provide solutions that respond to the needs of the healthcare system and its workforce whilst delivering safe and effective outcomes for patients.  Their CLEAR (Clinically Lead workforcE and Activity Redesign) programme provides innovation expertise, and data analysis.  Its improvement methodology focuses on training clinicians to redesign services, building intrinsic capacity and capability and optimising patient care (Corner et al, 2022).

Frimley Integrated Care Board (ICB) were awarded funding to undertake a bespoke improvement piece of work using the CLEAR methodology.

This rapid insight evaluation was undertaken between September 2023 and March 2024.  Extended interviews were conducted with clinicians, workforce transformation responsible officers, project leads and employees of 33n.

Throughout the interviews three key area were noted to enable the region to progress towards their full potential of collaborative working:

  • Building relationships across health and social care facilitates conversations to explore key priorities for organisations
  • Co-design with stakeholders, influencers, and early adopters
  • Creating space for staff and patients to innovate together

Interested in reading more? With kind permission from NHSE download a copy of the full evaluation here

Grateful thanks to all who contributed to this evaluation.

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