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Safer pregnancies: Pre-eclampsia test brings better experience and productivity gains

Pregnant black woman with hand on stomach. Text says Safer pregnanncies: Pre-eclampsia test brings better experience and productivity gains Quick, accurate blood tests for pre-eclampsia are contributing to safer pregnancies and better outcomes for tens of thousands of women and their unborn babies every year. More precise diagnosis has led to fewer unnecessary hospital admissions and enabled maternity staff to focus on those women who need closer monitoring.

Placental growth factor (PlGF) testing has been successfully introduced into standard clinical practice in line with NICE guidance in the vast majority of maternity units in England within four years of the first evaluation in our region, benefitting more than 40,000 pregnancies annually.

This is largely due to a rapid adoption project, led by Health Innovation Oxford and Thames Valley which developed a practical implementation pack. The drive to accelerate spread and adoption of the PlGF test was supported by all HINs who understood the challenges of rolling out new technology and helped the NHS and innovators work together to overcome them.

Savings to the NHS are estimated at £4 million per year and the reduction in journeys to and from hospital has led to significant environmental benefits too.

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