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Sleepio and me: Naomi

Naomi Sleepio user

Photo by Pezza Photography

Naomi is a 59-year-old tour guide from Oxford

Naomi had a relatively normal sleeping pattern for most of her life. Recently, however, she found herself trapped in a cycle of being unable to sleep, which – rather than resolving itself within a matter of weeks – persisted over a period of more than six months.

She said: “It made me extremely ratty. I had poor concentration, and it was hard to think and work. Not being able to sleep led me to experience low mood.”

Over that time, Naomi tried and tested many of the usual techniques people turn to for help getting to sleep, including going to bed earlier, lying in late to catch up on sleep, napping throughout the day, but nothing helped.

The turning point came when Naomi discovered Sleepio, which she was referred to by her occupational health worker. After completing the six-week programme, Naomi found that her sleep was transformed. She enjoyed the programme’s personalised and friendly approach. She also found that Sleepio had an impact on her mental health, which led to improvements in her work-life balance.

She said: “I rediscovered my energy and concentration, and I now have happier relationships. I feel like I’ve regained my sense of wellbeing, and I have a better attitude to work because of it. Sleepio was enormously helpful.”