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Innovator support

open hand supporting three people iconThe Health Innovation Network Innovator Offer provides a consistent level of service to innovators seeking support from individual Health Innovation Netwokrs. All HINs provide the services set out in the Universal, Enhanced and Distinctive tiered structure.

UNIVERSAL: Four core services are available to all innovators including UK and international. This is the foundation block of the Office for Life Sciences (OLS) commission (Level 1 support). The Universal offer has been designed to map closely to the requirements of the NHS Innovation Service.

  • Review and respond
  • Assess and triage
  • Advise, guide and support
  • Develop health and care understanding.

ENHANCED: Fourteen services are available to selected innovators where the solution meets a local priority or unmet need. The purpose of the Enhanced offer is to give innovators access to a suite of practical support options which will enable them to develop their innovation. Transition to Enhanced Offer is guided by meeting the HIN threshold, e.g. local demand or priority. Our local priority areas are:

  • Mental health
  • Cardiovascular disease/stroke
  • Early cancer detection
  • Maternity and neonatal
  • Respiratory
  • Diagnostics
  • Elective recovery.

DISTINCTIVE: A distinctive offer is a unique service provided depending on resource availability and specialist skills held within the HIN. Each HIN has its own unique service offerings and can provides these services on a case-by-case basis. Our distinctive services are:

  • Bid writing support
  • Evaluation delivery support
  • Early health economic evaluation
  • Lean Assessment Process methodology

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