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Apply for the Cherwell Workplace Wellbeing Award

The Oxford Academic Health Science Network is sponsoring the Workplace Wellbeing Award at the Cherwell Business Awards 2018 through the Get Physical programme.

This category is open to all organisations within Cherwell district that can demonstrate best practice relating to the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • management and leadership influence on employee wellbeing- including any policies in relation to workplace wellbeing
  • evidence of staff engagement and participation in the development of workplace wellbeing
  • proven initiatives and achievements in the last 12 months- involvement and sustained involvement
  • evidence of improvements in employee health and related business benefits- monitoring and measuring processes and performance i.e. health promotion examples such as mental health first aid training, gym memberships etc
  • evidence of ways in which the business has implemented and developed its approach to workplace wellbeing, and plans for further development- wellbeing strategies and objectives for the next 12 months and beyond
  • partnership working with other organisations in relation to workplace wellbeing.

You can apply or nominate here. Closing date: 16 February 2018