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Feb 2020: Working with patients, carers and the public – getting it right

26 February 2020 – Oxford

Involving patients and the public in the work of healthcare and research is often accepted good practice. However, healthcare staff can find it challenging to do this in a way that works well for all involved. Patients and the public may also find that they are unclear about the best way to get their views across. This workshop will explore why working together is so important and ways to make it most effective. This workshop is for patients, carers and the public, and healthcare staff from care, research or education.


Douglas Findlay is an enthusiastic advocate of the NHS, he is involved with a number of NHS organisations in a lay capacity where he attempts to be an “honest mirror”. Douglas is currently an NHS patient and has been a carer and advocate. He started his voluntary work with the NHS as a board member of his local Healthwatch and as a Patient Leader at his Local Acute and Community Mental Health Trusts. His involvement work has grown over time and now includes local, regional and national projects.

Siân Rees is the Director for Patient and public Involvement, Engagement and Experience for the Oxford Academic Health Science Network. She also carries out research on experiences of health and healthcare at the University of Oxford. Siân has a background in public health medicine with over a decade of policy development experience at the Department of Health and as a clinical advisor at NICE. Prior to this she was Director of Mental Health on board of a Trust in Liverpool. Throughout her career Siân has endeavoured to hear what matters most to those she is working with and to incorporate this into action. This has proved to be a repeatedly humbling experience, easy in theory but hard in practice.

Presentation slides available here