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Meet cohort 1 – 2019

The start-up companies who completed the first Oxford AHSN Accelerator programme Oct-Nov 2019 are:

Avenna: Precision medicine tools for early detection, stratification and treatment personalisation for chronic inflammatory diseases of the bowel and joints.

CanSense: Non-invasive inexpensive test for early detection of cancer using spectroscopy and AI.

Capillary Film Technology: Point of care anti-microbial resistance testing for urinary tract infections.

Cotswold Health Technologies: Gait-Thaw is a wearable vibrational tool for correcting and monitoring the problem of gait-freezing in people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Dravya Discovery: Contract research organisation offering experimental models of angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) in ophthalmology and oncology.

Mendelian: Machine learning and knowledge reasoning-led diagnosis of rare disease conditions.

Nepesmo: Smart CE-marked digital solution for personalised prediction of acute exacerbations of respiratory disease (COPD), allowing patients to identify deterioration early and intervene promptly.

PolymathsAI: Model-informed drug discovery system augmented by AI