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Cholesterol animations & leaflets


High cholesterol is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and two thirds of people at risk are not fully treated. For some people high cholesterol runs in their family as a genetic condition, this is called familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH).

As part of the national Lipid Management and Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) programme, Oxford AHSN, along with North East North Cumbria AHSN, NHS England, Spoonful of Sugar, Heart UK and Creative Connection Animation Studio, worked with patients and clinicians to develop a series of animations and leaflets.

What we did

We held a series of workshops with patients and health staff focusing on the management of high cholesterol and FH. A thematic analysis of the discussions, alongside mapping existing resources, identified the need for new patient materials on these topics. An evidence search and summary looking at health inequalities was also undertaken.

The animations and leaflets describe the importance of understanding cholesterol, the problems caused by blood fats being out of balance, and how to reduce the risks of having a cardiovascular event (e.g. heart attack or stroke).

For more information about treatment options, please refer to the NICE endorsed Summary of National Guidance for Lipid Management for Primary and Secondary Prevention of CVD.

The materials

To view full playlist of animations please click here.

To read and download the leaflets please click below:

Leaflets are also available from the Heart UK website here.

For more information, or for a downloadable version of the animations or leaflets please contact Dr Siân Rees, Director of Community Involvement & Workforce Innovation at Oxford Academic Health Science Network at