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Feasibility study for introducing a new rapid point-of-care HIV test into sexual health clinics

Overview Summary

Owen Mumford is a global leader in medical device design and manufacturing who worked with the Oxford AHSN to explore the advantages of introducing a new rapid point of care HIV test, which has a simple sample collection system and provides a prompt result to help support the early diagnosis of HIV.

HIV is an immunodeficiency virus that damages the cells in the immune system and weakens the body’s ability to fight off everyday infections and disease. The disease is usually transmitted through unprotected sex and the sharing of needles. Earlier diagnosis and treatment substantially reduces the disease burden on the patient and NHS.

The Oxford AHSN team conducted a new methodology, the Lean Assessment Process (LAP), which was developed in conjunction with Imperial College, London.

The purpose of the project was to enable the company to gauge the clinical utility and acceptability of the new test against current clinical practice and potential value to sexual health clinics in the NHS in England, and explore utility in other potential clinical settings.

How is the AHSN involved?

Oxford AHSN performed an initial literature review to identify the care pathway for rapid HIV testing in sexual health clinics in the NHS in England. In testing the potential scenario, a visual representation of the current Standard of Care (SoC) pathway was developed with the help of available literature and discussions with Owen Mumford. The visual representation of the pathway was used to guide the qualitative methodologies including face-to-face interviews based around semi-structured questionnaires. The interviews enabled us to explore the potential use and benefit of the new test in the clinical settings.

Impacts and outcomes of the AHSN involvement to date

The partnership between Oxford AHSN and Owen Mumford helped the company to develop their offering of the HIV test in a clinical setting.

The feasibility feedback given as part of the semi-structured interviews undertaken has enabled Owen Mumford to develop their offering to draw it more in line with clinical needs and has given them a good understanding of what clinicians need from the test. This feedback is crucial for the HIV test to be adapted and adopted for NHS use.

As part of the literature review, the Oxford AHSN identified clinicians that will need to be engaged in the clinical utility and acceptability of the test, helping to ensure that it meets their needs.

Supporting quotes

“The Oxford AHSN have provided us with feedback from clinicians and stakeholders and have been a gateway into the NHS. Understanding the acceptability of the HIV test has been paramount in the adoption of the test and has enabled us to speak to clinicians we otherwise would not have had access to.”
Leanne Adam, Marketing Manager, Owen Mumford

“The Oxford AHSN assessed the clinical benefits of the Simplitude Pro rapid HIV POCT kit by completing a LAP study. Early economic evaluation was conducted to assess the economic benefit within NHS. The report is based on the qualitative questionnaire, results of perceived usefulness, stakeholder’s importance and Net Promoter Score.”
Mamta Bajre, Lead Methodologist, Oxford AHSN

Plans and timescales for spread and adoption

The product launched in the UK in January 2019. There is the opportunity to work with Owen Mumford to conduct a real-world evaluation in the Oxford AHSN region. There is an opportunity for interested ASHNs to run a real world evaluation of the impact of implementing Simplitude™ Pro rapid HIV test in the identified clinical settings.

Start and end dates

June to December 2018


Dr Mamta Bajre, Lead Methodologist