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Evaluating immune status of sepsis patients

IMPACCT (IMmune profiling of ICU PAtients to address Chronic Critical illness and ensure healThy ageing) is a €4m study co-funded by EIT-Health and bioMérieux involving partners from France, Sweden and the UK. 

Sepsis survivors often experience a weakened immune system. During the first days of sepsis, an overwhelming inflammation can take over. That initial over-activation phase is very often followed by a dramatic inhibition of the immune system (immunosuppression) which can lead to recurrent secondary infections, long-term disabilities and death. 

Sepsis patients do not all face the same risks. By evaluating the immune status of sepsis patients while they are in intensive care (ICU) those at high risk of deterioration could benefit from improved care and personalised treatment. 

The study will enrol 600 sepsis patients hospitalised in ICU and their immune status will be monitored using a molecular platform. The first objective is to demonstrate if it is possible to identify a subgroup of sepsis patients at higher risk of poor outcomes and further infectious complications. The second objective is to validate prognosis biomarkers. Oxford AHSN will develop the value proposition and economic impact.