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Nov 2020-April 2021: Inclusion for all? ‘Working with the Seldom Heard’ webinar series

It is vital that health services, research and education meet the needs of people from all walks of life. We need to work in partnership with people from diverse communities to achieve this, for example black and minority ethnic groups or the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community. These communities can often be marginalised or less often included in our partnerships, hence the term ‘seldom heard’. We need to work differently to make sure that we include everyone’s voices, such as going to different places, meeting people where they are and listening.

This webinar series consisted of three events held in November and December 2020, and one wrap-up workshop held in April 2021. The initial three webinars featured contributions from wide-ranging speakers from seldom heard communities:

1 Working with the Seldom Heard: the LGBTQ+[1] Community

2 November 2020

Guest speakers:

  • Nic Bray – Transgender Conduit
  • Georgia Pattison – Birmingham LGBT
  • Michael Farquhar – NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme

2 Working with the Seldom Heard webinar series: Learning Disabilities

19 November 2020

Guest speakers:

  • Dawn Wiltshire and Jess Tilling – My Life, My Choice
  • Angeli Vaid – Oxfordshire Family Support Network
  • Rachel Miller – Oxford Health, Learning Disability Services

3 Working with the Seldom Heard webinar series: Sensory Impairments

7 December 2020

Guest speakers:

  • Sally-Jane Davidge – Governor, Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust
  • Chris Harrison – Action Deafness
  • Chrissi Kelly – AbScent

Wrap-up workshop

The fourth and final event in the series was a three-hour workshop which summarised and built on what was learnt from the previous webinars, providing an opportunity for participants to reflect and talk with other people to share challenges and ideas. Anyone who attended the above webinars, or who expressed an interest in the series, was invited to this final session which took place in April 2021.

This series was co-hosted by the Working Together Thames Valley Partnership.

[1] The Q in this acronym stands for queer or questioning, whilst the plus (+) is a way of ensuring you include people who express their gender identity in other ways