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The story of Hayley, a psychiatric nurse

Hayley Trueman, Oxford AHSN FellowHayley Trueman is a mental health nurse, based at the Warneford Hospital, part of the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

She became an Oxford AHSN Fellow on the Evidence Based Healthcare Masters programme in 2015.

She said: “At the end of the first year of the MSc I feel that I have learnt so much already that I can put into practice.

“The taught modules so far have helped me to have a better understanding of the research being done and to be able to have open and honest discussions with my patients and colleagues.

“My dissertation project is a cohort study looking at patient data sets that come to my clinic for ketamine treatment for treatment resistant depression.

“Before starting my MSc I would never have thought to take on such a project as it is very heavily statistics based and as a nurse my experience has been with qualitative research rather than quantitative. However, through what I have learnt from my modules this year and hopefully through my statistics module next year and the support of the university team and the AHSN I feel confident that I can do this.”

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