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New partner for the Oxford AHSN – MAPMYHEALTH

MAPMYHEALTH joins the Network – and is already one of the Network’s exemplar innovations.

Mapmyhealth is an Oxfordshire-based healthcare start-up company that designs and develops comprehensive, disease-specific eHealth systems that enable patients with chronic diseases to actively self-manage their condition in partnership with their healthcare provider.

The first system being developed is for type 2 diabetes, and is called Mapmydiabetes. It is the intent of Mapmyhealth to design and develop Mapmydiabetes and future systems in collaboration with world-class academic and clinical experts, with value demonstrated by comprehensive clinical and cost effectiveness value dossiers. To that end, collaboration with the Oxford AHSN represents a real opportunity to ensure that the systems are designed and developed in a way that not only meet the health needs of the local population, but also support effective adoption and diffusion through the broader NHS.