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NHS Hack Day

Oxford NHS Hack Day

An NHS Hack Day was held in Tingewick Hall at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on 26th-27th January ‘2013.  NHS Hack Days are weekend events that bring together doctors, nurses, software developers, designers and statisticians to create disruptive IT solutions to problems plaguing the NHS.   The Oxford Hack Day was attended by about 150 people working on 17 different projects to create open-source IT solutions.  The projects looked at things ranging from helping clinicians perform clinical procedures in a safer way to networking sites for clinicians.

Teams organized themselves into working units on Saturday and had until noon on Sunday to finish their projects.  The overall first prize went to OpenHeart, an open source Electronic Medical Record for cardiologists that allows them to record their procedures by dragging and dropping icons onto a digital picture of a heart rather than drawing the procedures by hand in the patient’s notes.  The Chief Data Officer of the England NHS, Geraint Lewis, was in attendance at the Oxford Hack Day and tweeted after the event that he believed the innovations created at the event “generated at least £100k value for NHS.”  Full details of the open source software created at the Oxford Hack Day, as well as the London and Liverpool ones, can be accessed here: