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Oxford AHSN introduces healthcare innovators to new government minister

Group of visitors including Lord Kamall and Matt Whitty outside John Radcliffe Hospital

Lord Kamall, centre, and Matt Whitty, fourth from left, are pictured with Professor Ford, Dr Rooney and some of the innovators

New health minister Lord Kamall met a host of healthcare innovators on a fact-finding visit to Oxford organised by the Oxford AHSN.

Lord Kamall and Matt Whitty, Chief Executive of the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative and Director for Innovation, Research and Life Sciences at NHS England, met key figures from the NHS, industry and research during their time at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Dr George Harston, Chief Medical and Innovation Officer at Brainomix, led a tour of part of the stroke pathway during a briefing on a region-wide initiative to harness AI technology to support clinical decision-making in stroke care.

The visit showcased two more initiatives:

The Oxford AHSN was represented by Professor Gary Ford, Chief Executive, Dr Guy Rooney, Medical Director, and Dr Paul Durrands, Chief Operating Officer.