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Introducing the Oxford Academic Health Science Network

More than 50 people attended the latest event to introduce the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) which took place at the University of Reading on 7 November.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Speakers included:

  • Prof Gary Ford CBE, Chief Executive of the Oxford AHSN, and Paul Durrands, the Network’s Chief Operating Officer
  • Prof Richard Ellis, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Reading and Dr Susan Matos from the University’s Knowledge Transfer Centre
  • Dr Justin Wilson, Medical Director, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Ed Donald, Chief Executive, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

The Oxford AHSN aims to get best care everywhere every day and increase wealth generation. The Network brings together the strengths of the NHS with excellent and world-leading clinical research and business expertise across Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and parts of Bedfordshire. It is one of 15 similar networks set up this year by NHS England.

The event included a wide-ranging question and answer session. Topics covered included how to explain and spread pockets of excellence, understanding the reasons for variations in performance and the importance of communicating effectively with staff with many different priorities.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gary Ford said: “One of our challenges is to persuade people to reach out and see the benefits of collaboration for themselves.”

Justin Wilson said: “It is clear that Berkshire has very much to offer the Oxford Academic Health Science Network. There is a good foundation to build from. It is really promising that there is this commitment to collaboration – it is the only way to achieve what we need to.”

Ed Donald said: “There is lots to learn – and lots to teach other – as we level up to the best.”

Richard Ellis said: “We are very positive about the new opportunities to make contacts more quickly.”

A similar event will be held in Oxford on 18 December. Further details to follow.


Click here to view the Oxford AHSN presentation used at the University of Reading event

Click here for University of Reading slides



Top – Prof Gary Ford CBE answers a question from the audience

Bottom – Prof Sir Muir Gray, the Director of Better Value Healthcare, addresses fellow audience members